Welcome to Myth and Mist

Let me state my intentions for this blog:
It will focus heavily on the creative process.
It will include my personal experience.
As I attempt describing strange feelings
And doing my job
Which is chasing the emotions which cause people
to look away or change the subject
It will feature discussions about artists I admire
And ideas which interest me
And experiences which were… different
I’m hoping that it will appeal
To artistic, open minded people
And also to those simply seeking inspiration
I am not afraid to be called pretentious
I think it is a compliment in certain cases
Consider myself an individual
Particularly fascinated by people
Their ideas and opinions
Written on stars
I think the two most commonly confused
Words when trying to define something are
Weird and beautiful
Often mixed up in confusion


About mw2828

I am a writer currently working out of the New York area. https://mythandmist.wordpress.com/ View all posts by mw2828

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