No One’s Alone

Upon roaring into any creative field, the perspective artist may find him or herself eventually engaged in a strange battle between their mind and objective reality. It’s easy to take stock at the state of the world and yield to apathy, retreating within the safe confines of personal visions. But I say… beware. Our minds are fantastic tools. It is possible, though, to become lost in the labyrinths of self-consciousness. The risk here is losing track of other things that count. Friends, family, love… all great parts about life; that can become devalued when constantly obsessing over A: The big picture and B: Our reaction to it [often withdrawal, then a wrong left turn] To me, objective reality is simple: It’s the consideration that we are not alone. A simple thing to say, and yet… I know I have forgotten sometimes. Sure, I’ve leaned on my perceptions of people, without stopping and realizing that they are not a part of me, like actors in my play, but their own deeply complicated individual selves. This may sound, basic. I guess. However, many great artists are lost due to self-inflicted pain. The recognition, and realization, that we are part of a whole — not solitary animals performing meaningless tasks in a smog filled universe — is vital. It’s ok to be down, sometimes. The pain isn’t illusion. Neither is the caring other people can provide, capable of curing it. Never underestimate your fellow people, as empathetic spirits, guides, and friends.


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