Stolen Moments

A moment plucked from an easier existence. Removed from personal stresses. Cosmic thought. That is a creative moment, for me. Bob Dylan once talked about stolen moments. I’m not sure if this is what he met. These seconds are vital to me. Because they get me focused on what I should be doing.

I am a believer that all art has an inherent musicality, which makes everyday life experience explode, turning the ordinary people and events staring at us into a reflection more consistent with their miraculous nature. Routine makes us feel safe, but there is always something interesting simmering under the surface. I think fear is a very dangerous emotion. It causes people to embrace distance. Distance from the truth, distance from happiness, distance from the vulnerability we all inevitably must face. It’s hard acknowledging our faults, and I hate seeing a false sense of invincibility being embraced through advertising and ridiculous television programming. It’s dangerous, because it removes us from the real world. The real world is beyond our thoughts, and involves complication. Better to feel slightly lost, than falsely found. I am far from perfect, and nothing I can buy is going to fix that. It can help, but it does not ensure success. What is success, anyway? Just another idea agreed upon by a lot of people. Be careful. The quick fix is an illusion. I love sports because an athlete’s greatness is never accidental. It’s built upon a solid, long lasting foundation. Recognizing this makes the flukes fun. I made mistakes, I have regrets, but those moments are gone and can only be learned from. It’s funny… you can quite accidently hurt people by trying too hard to protect yourself. But life is full of those kinds of paradoxes. The person who feels the most vulnerable is going to shield his interior with a tough, inscrutable exterior. It wastes time, and you don’t get it back. I consider my job simple. Words are the boxes through which we deliver feelings, which makes me comparable to a postman, in a cosmic sense. I am fascinated by emotions, because they are universal. We try separating ourselves, but emotions unify. They can also destroy. So it’s interesting. Writing always felt natural, but self-expression is. This is what I found that felt like home. Art is so meaningful because the good stuff forces one stop and consider. It doesn’t matter what happens after that. That’s enough. Sometimes we need to be removed from routine, take a little trip down memory lane…


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