Concerning Our Foolishness: I of IV

Part I

Alright… alright… I’m a fool. I admit it. But hear me out.

So this was a few years ago. Back when the journey first began.

I was walking down the street and feeling relatively good about myself.

I hid very little, aware that deception is a practice concocted by thieves.

My tendency toward honesty was deemed a character flaw; by those who confused superfluity and substance.

Inherent knowledge was a neat trick, but I eventually sold it off for some sunglasses.

This proved a poor decision, hindsight wise.

I never considered myself a thief though. Never really found anything worth stealing.

May have been my saving grace.

So there I was, staring at the world from fifty different perspectives.

This naturally presented challenges, like pupil strain.

Anyway, I’m walking along whistling.

Loud fire trucks are passing by.

And, lo and behold, this monster comes crawling out of a gutter.


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