Concerning Our Foolishness II of IV

Part II

Spotted his furry hand first.

He was holding a business card.

Monster man claimed to be in real estate and sold me a brochure concerning the powerlessness of the individual on outpost earth.

I hadn’t considered my own uselessness before, and was naturally intrigued by new, radical ideas.

Man, those words really flipped my wig.

But it was really an elongated slogan of a commercial aired by a network owned by a company that is selling the 1980’s for half price.

Of course that master plan was all in fine print.

Had I known that at the time… gosh! But salesmen can be persuasive.

We thought these phones and cars and sounds equaled something greater than an empty destiny prophesized by a cardboard cutout outlining false promises about immortality.

Turns out the sales vampires had nothing substantial to offer, but, fully invested in a broken game and unwilling to philosophize about the grand implications of this dastardly scheme, we either slumped toward numbness or begged for apathy.

I thought I woke up, but really I fell asleep, into this deep dark nightmare where friends became enemies and money mattered more than conscience.


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