Concerning Our Foolishness III of IV

Everything looked different. The fun house mirrors held a new sheen of legitimacy. Like I could punch myself in the face and consider it a reasonable decision.

Being in a nightmare, I naturally sought to protect myself.

So I hid behind a wall, shielding an image that was really the formless shadow of a ghost

This was all very complicated, so naturally I deemed it simple.

I was difficult to know, even in glass.

Believing in that damn brochure bought me to all sorts of crazy places; even caused a case of amnesia. I forgot truth even existed.

In fact, I began calling my truest emotions “deep.”

I’d say, “that’s deep,” upon spotting a fleeting glimpse of reality.

“That’s deep”, an impenetrable deep, kept those inconvenient feelings at bay, pushed them aside, inaccessible and beyond my powerless self.

They can convince us that we are stupid. Unbelievable… but true, unfortunately.

I was a zombie, well fed, misled, and determined to impress a culture already dead.

But wouldn’t you know it, quitting is a very popular statement.

We celebrated by agreeing with each other about the overriding pointlessness of the universe at lifeless masquerade parties.

Fools attending these galas were beat up for handing out pamphlets concerning alarm clocks…

Passive participants in life are often the most violent.


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