Concerning Our Foolishness IV of IV

And, ah, the fool! He was key. I met him. He was me… kind of anyway.

He changed my mind. Recited to me this essay about the importance of individuality.

I rebutted him coolly and calmly, but he had all these questions of his own that I had never even considered.

I posited to this goof, I said to him, “How could you expect me to live my life pursuing a truth that never even dawns on most people, because they, like me, are try too hard to protect themselves?”

And he says back, the fool I mean, “Yes, this is why people like us are called fools. Because we believe in reality, not fear, which lies…”

At this point, the epiphany hit.

I’d spend the remainder of this ground bound excursion searching for reality, instead of planting my flag in the cruel land of fear.

I would share that search with others… just in case they became inspired enough to seek the journey that is their birthright.

Stumbling would be inevitable. But defeat is not.

It was a lot to process, but luckily, the fool left behind detailed notes.


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