At the Fights: Condensed Part 1

The panelists are captivating this night. I am seated in the middle of an aisle with extremely little leg room, surrounded by people similarly engrossed. Many have decided to stand. The venue is a Barnes and Noble. The event concerns the publication of a compilation entitled “At the Fights,” a work dedicated to superior writing about boxing, spanning decades. Mike Lupica, Robert Lipsyte, Leonard Gardner, Pete Hamill and Colum McCann are discussing the pages, along with the experiences capable of creating narratives, both personal and professional.

 George Kimball, an older gentleman wearing a distinctive cowboy hat, was one of the editors of the book. His sentences seemed to count extra, utterances cloaked in an archetypical insight that the careful consideration of fighting could provide, over much time.  Considering his company included lauded writers such as McCall and Hamill, famous reporters in the persons of Lupica and Lipsyte, and an expert scribe of the pugilistic arts, Leonard Gardner, this distinction carried weight. His voice was raspy, but very strong.


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