At the Fights: Part 2

 Outside, there is a late March chill. The conversation between the experienced men on stage recalls a summer barbecue, joy and depth punctuating every sentence. The microphone is being passed between them.

“My first interest came in watching Friday Night Fights with my father,” Kimball says, adding with the slightest ironic touch, “It was the only thing we could do without getting in a fight.” Fathers will be discussed frequently. The connection seems close, between discovering a lifetime passion for a violent athletic competition, and feeling closer to the father. I am struck by how elementally Kimball recalls the memory; the approach is miles removed from psychoanalysis.  Family issues sometimes seem naturally occurring. Personalities inevitably clash, and the friction can become constant. A mutual appreciation for something external offers an escape from the ego trenches. I consider my own father, and a thought that had passed through my consciousness a night or two before this event. It returned with fury, as Kimball spoke.


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