At The Fights Part 6

Mike Lupica, the nationally syndicated Daily News columnist, spoke about Canastota, the unlikely home of the boxing Hall of Fame. He weaved a connection between Canastota, former boxer Carmen Basilio, a champion from the small town, and Sugar Ray Robinson, a boxing legend. It turned out, when Basilio was contacted about the death of Robinson for a quote, Lupica’s attempt at exchanging pleasantries about their mutual roots in Canastota fell on deaf ears. Instead, Basilio railed incessantly about a decision against Robinson that had not gone his way, all the way back in 1958. Basilio had shaken the foundations of boxing the previous year when, as a 37 year old, he upset Robinson. His loss in the rematch was controversial, and he had not forgotten. Only problem was, Basilio never came close to offering anything remotely approaching a condolence. Lupica noted, still amazed, how grudges in boxing die hardest.


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