The Music Project: Part 5

The aforementioned preoccupations, which I did need to walk away from, had become a part of my character. With those attributes cast aside, I began seeing perpetual abstraction. When your expectations for the world have suddenly changed, the results can be jarring. I had not become a different person, just needed a new pursuit. And I was lost in terms of where to turn. Writing had been a reliable outlet, but it was definitely time for a break, from any major projects, at least.

Springtime arrived. Restlessness had begat pure panic. My defenses were down. I was suddenly capable of breaking routine. I walked into a music store in the Queens Village. I told the owner, Dave, that I needed a new outlet, and he didn’t seem terribly interested. I was, in guitar lessons. A part of me wondered how the hell I had gotten here. The other part was probably nonplussed it had taken so long.

The spotlight was in my eyes, and it was time to make a move.


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