The Music Project Part 6

-Let the century pass me by. Standing under a night sky. Tomorrow means nothing-

 I can chart phases in my life by the artists I was listening to at that particular time. I tuned into whatever was on the radio as a child, completely open. The first song I ever loved was ‘Losing my Religion’ by REM. “You used to twirl your finger around at the end of the song,” says my older brother, Greg Waters. “Remember?” In fact, I do not remember, yet remain extremely amused that at six years old I could appreciate a gorgeous mandolin solo.

Growing up, I kept listening to that radio. Because my primary interest, up until the age of fifteen, was playing baseball at a high level, I wasn’t eager to pursue specific genres or artists. I incorrectly assumed that the radio encompassed music. In hindsight, this is a fatal mistake, certainly capable of curtailing finer musical sensibilities for a lifetime. Reality would straighten it out, for me.


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