The Music Project Part 8

“Reality is wrong. Dreams are right.” – Tupac Shakur /

It was Tupac Shakur who shook me from the doldrums. Tupac, the immensely popular rapper gunned down at 25 in the year 1996, Tupac, the man who diehard fans deem a thug angel, Tupac, the poet laureate of hip hop.
It was only natural I made a connection with his music. His themes reflected anger, paranoia, unconditional love and confusion. At sixteen, I was angry about my unrealistic hopes being buried, paranoid about being unpopular, confused about my place in the world and still feeling innocent, unconditional love for the people who mattered most. Tupac was a perfect inspiration at this point in my life. He delved into emotions, often dark, encouraging me to do the same. I discovered hope can be found in the abyss. Though you shouldn’t stay there too long…


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