Ocean of Words

Inside the walls 
That collapse outside myself 
The drawbridge is lowered 
The dragon is waiting 

Lanterns, my friends 
Stars in the black sky 
They are watching us tonight 
The ones who are observing 

Decisions, violence 
Insult and prejudice 
I am guilty and convicted 
By an invisible jury 

Baby, baby 
My mine you 
Who I wish you were 
And me as philosophy 
Convenient archetypes 
We cannot be 
Though we trust 
And swear we see 

I have an ocean of words 
To tell you 
I try 
But I’m drowning inside 
Authentic is beauty and brutality 
So we hide 
On opposite sides 
In close conversation 

Just once 
I want to truly know one 
Chisel through the past together 
Like teamwork in a sun shower 

To be free 
You have to hurt 
There are no exits 
Because breathing is not a trap 

Talk about worlds and illusions 
Gods and texts cloaked in shadow 
Quench your cosmic thirst with body shock 
No matter, we’re still sharing the same ladder 

Oh can we tear it down 
Oh, the fear, the severe fear 
Stand strong with me 
Stand strong with me 
Oh we can tear it down 
Write our own future




About mw2828

I am a writer currently working out of the New York area. https://mythandmist.wordpress.com/ View all posts by mw2828

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