Pouring Rain

I saw her 
Standing atop a hill 
Staring down upon 
The village windmill 
The propellers were broken 
By a storm 

There was a hood covering her face 
Her eyes were hiding inside 
Like two diamond jewels 
Bound to attract romantic fools 
With their hopeless notions and 
Poison potions 
For which they would desire 
Her to partake 
So she can fall down 
And they could deem her fake 
Like the last artist 
They so generously did appreciate 
For them beauty must be addressed 
And undressed 

As I approached her 
Through a sinister, whispering 
I felt some need to explain 
I was a different drop of rain 
I would not idealize to teardown 
Having encountered the type of 
Random hatred 
That assaults the spirit 
And demolishes imagined armor 
I am not in the business 
Of seeking glory 
But reflecting whatever light 
I might possess 
Have I spoken too soon? 
Will you be my moon? 
My lovely truth 
My lovely truth 

It’s funny 
All our lives 
We’re chasing 
Sunny Days 
When in truth 
We need someone 
To stand with us in the 
Pouring rain 

She said 
How dare you 
Suppose to know me 
Just by observing 
My features, my heart 
Remains a secret 

I said I I do 
See in you 
The beauty flickering 
Inside me 
Discovered accidently 
Through reverie 
Over sweet tunes 
And wine 
In time 
Perhaps the taste 
Will wash out of our mouths 
The endless arrangements 
The nameless engagements 
The introductions 
And fake faces 
Worn so a moment could be shared 
With strangers 
Never to be encountered again 

And why do we 
So dutifully 
Assign a fate 
It may end in a hospital bed 
Let us not pretend 
When the lights go out 
We could be without 
The sight seen through closed eyes 
And open hearts 
When it feels 
We could live forever 
Through this valley 
We share the salt 
And the sea 
Drink the breeze 
You and me 
You and me 
Whatever that means 
We know what that means 

Remember the first time 
I saw you staring down at the broken windmill 



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I am a writer currently working out of the New York area. https://mythandmist.wordpress.com/ View all posts by mw2828

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