New York

A concrete palace of loving malice 
Cloaked in transience 
Themes of dreams interrupted by car alarms 
And invisible ambience 

Ice winter silver snow sliver 
Dances onto chilled flesh and marrow 
Then high summer sun frames foreign structures 
In Van Gogh shadow 

To realize in eyes 
Belonging to another tourist of the fall 
Where we were meant little 
Who we were with meant it all 



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4 responses to “New York

  • Worldly Winds

    ‘A concrete palace of loving malice’ – what a fabulous strong image! I love that line!

    • mw2828

      why thank you very much! yea, there’s a weird thing here in New York: heroes are torn-down, specifically because we like them to rise above the challenge of our own malice… I’m thinking with professional athletes, especially. It’s odd, I know… but it’s almost like New Yorkers enjoy having their criticism shoved back into their face. It’s an intense town 🙂 that’s what I remember thinking when writing that line. How to capture this strange process of loving to hate, and loving to see that hate overcome?

      • Worldly Winds

        mmm… seems like a media thing too. British newspapers seem to love to build up an, ‘underdog’ to ‘celebrity status’, then rips them down again to watch them flounder and then re-build and watch their ‘struggle back to ‘fame’ again.
        Funny old world!

      • mw2828

        ha, you’ve got that right. It’s a bit of an illusion, a bit of a distraction, there’s real beauty in sports… just like there’s real beauty in all forms of healthy expression (where no one is intentionally injured, emotionally or physically), if you see it fully conscious. The ‘hero’ narratives take people out of reality. That’s where anything goes, and it’s usually negative. Yea, a funny world indeed, when you get right down to it… 🙂

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