Sharing Air

Sidewalk swinging toward the pond

Where we walk outside the time in my mind

Your eyes lied when you claimed you were blind


All these buildings occasionally a mystery

I may have been alive in a different century

Or it could have been a false dream of me

Like history


The ending started at the beginning

When my last expectation flickered in the wind

Helpless and harmless like a hollow can of tin


I never knew, how to capture a moment’s breath

Whether written on a page

Or standing on a stage

When the actors know what to expect


Life we cannot replicate

Though we should appreciate

The effort it takes to deviate

From the absent minded climb

To nowhere


It was never my intent to demonize

Criticize, or lionize

But to my surprise

You pick a side even when

You never wanted to cross the line

Just by being someone


There is a difference we know

Between delving into violence 

And walking away in silence


And that separate, sane moment existed

In the seconds we disregarded

While retracing where the trouble started


Placing blame instead of tending to a flame

We can stop the game

Just by recognizing, we are breathing the same 

The same way 


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I am a writer currently working out of the New York area. View all posts by mw2828

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