Art and Commerce

Underneath the sun kissed canopy 
Where do you start? 
You’re an artist baby 
Need to find a dealer 
Avoid the dream stealers 

An argument for the impressionist 
The vassal has passed his apprenticeship 
Give him a chance for recognition 
Like a scholarship 
Lest his purpose be lost 

Well you try and try 
To bring the truth out 
Or at least inspire 
People to live without 
The crutches they make so 
Dutifully for themselves 
The expectations that 
Leave us lost 

It’s plain to find 
You and I 
In different centuries 
With opposite personalities 
Due to the conditions that create identity 
So what’s left but kindness? 
And appreciating diversity 
The thirst for success need not put us under duress 
Keep painting man. Don’t opt for death in the gutter 
Mouth leaking absinthe 
Because they couldn’t see 

And neither could you

See the dream you pursued 
For the undeniable proof 
Of your genius and uniqueness 
Will belong to the other 
That you created inside 
Whether the fame, the attention 
Or the person representing status 
In your mind 
You will never be free 
Errantly keeping pace 
With this mockery of reality 
The pedestals 
Be you, be you, be you 
Despite our neediness 
We survive 
You can deal with life 
Even if it was not the one you expected 
Because that’s all life is 
The unintended consequence 


About mw2828

I am a writer currently working out of the New York area. View all posts by mw2828

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