My Enemy on the fourth of July

My enemy hides
In analysis
It melds
With rationality
To present itself
As reasonable
Despite having no basis
In reality
It is clever and cunning
Occasionally driving my emotion
Deeper than the deepest oceans
Inescapable like a cupboard closing
I am trapped
And forced to accept
The seconds of panic
Minutes of doubt
Hours of sadness
There’s nowhere to run
Can’t escape my own skin
And the temporary release of alcohol?
Now I see the lie
No, a cloud cannot escape the sky
And I must love my mind
Even, sometimes, when it doesn’t feel
Like mine
You are not my enemy, mind
My enemy is the enemy
The enemy is unkind
My unkindness toward my mind
My impatience
My fear over those loud, harmless fireworks
Because everyday in my brain
It’s the fourth of July
Oh mercy
Mercy, mercy
Help me love


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