Good Conversation

Denial is exile
Evaporating upon revisiting the half wake
Where ideas and dreams
Thoughts and reality
Begin interlocking
Something is knocking
Rapping upon my door
While I continue searching the floor
For something more
Besides dust and skeletal remains
Of dull ancient pains
Opening a bare cupboard
Where the past does reside
And my dangerous romanticism does hide
Analyzing events long vanished
Into the foggy haze of history
Looking backward is a physical act
Resulting in a loss of momentum
I have this reoccurring tendency to become frozen
Wondering what could have been done
To prevent what has already been
And all the while
The art is whispering
True love like perfection
An idea realized elegantly
Justice done to a righteous thought
Without a bone being bruised
Or an item being bought
Like a Van Gogh painting
Starry, starry night
The mind taking delight
At beauty so obvious
That even an atheist and devout religious
Individual could positively agree
That life is worth living and consciousness itself
Is in fact a miracle surpassing all rational understanding and understated
Intellectual discussions
Over beers with peers
While surveying the wasteland separating
Entrenched opinions and misled men
Lobbing grenades without venturing beyond the lines
To see if their designated opponent would like to play a game
Share a smile
Instead of continuing an argument while ignoring
The absolute flawlessness of Moonrise
Or the impeccable optical illusion of a Barry Zito curveball
How if one simply recognizes the fact that they are indeed breathing
And capable of performing a task so well that it is personally enjoyed
And publicly appreciated
That this fact alone proves this world can make sense
And we all might have destiny
That ends in a sunset
And if not then maybe at least
A moment where the complexity is at least recognized
So here I am
Inhabiting strange terrain
I am simply typing but my skin is electric
I am simply typing but my eyes are sparkling
I am simply typing but beautiful blue streams are passing through
A suddenly enlivened peripheral perspective
Which can be altered respective
To the contentment of my heart
And the fulfillment of my job
To thoroughly and originally
Write and connect and inspire which requires
Peace of mind and the relinquishment of negativity
And wallowing
Whatโ€™s occurred is gone
The present moment never left
Maybe my problems are similar to yours
Maybe you have your own cross to haul
Maybe we are similar
Or only identical in total difference
And yet here I sit
Seeking an explanation
For your presence
In my private little world
Where we have become the dream
And you are welcome
So very welcome
To join me
For a good conversation


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