Reconciliation Station

Walked past the train station
Dropping a paper full of news
Man was clattering a cup
Singing he had the blues
It was nothing spectacular
He had nothing to lose
I couldn’t tell if there was a hole in his heart
But his toes were sticking through his shoes

You know, today was quite difficult
The television reporting senseless death
Makes one wonder
On what occasion death does make sense
And that caused me to ponder
A circumstance or similar event
When sensibility would drown
In all the past debt

Well you can run
You can hide
You can bide
Your time, chasing
A nickel and dime
Pretend you feel safe
As the night hangs overhead
Like something obvious
And treacherous

Save me Lord
From my self-doubt
I am down on my knees
And without, the intellectual
Capacity to absorb these untimely
Mental woes. I see a reality
That often resembles a calamity
While love is in the air
And I wonder how could it be
There, such fragility shining through
Show me the way home
So I can meet my destiny
To reconcile my life
Amid the despair and prayer


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