Now’s Not the time for Sleep


Wake up 
Shut the alarm 
Put more things in your body 
That will do you harm

Stagger to shower 
Hot water flow 
Eat a crusty bagel 
DVR your favorite show

Kiss the dog 
On his head 
This job sucks 
But it beats the instead

You got to go 
Got to rush 
Always late 
There’s time to crush

Now’s not the time to sleep
Love is near 
But you keep them waiting

The hurt’s so deep 
Can’t escape the fear 
It has you frozen/hesitating

Fall down 
Set the alarm 
Pins and needles 
Up and down your arm

Neck is tight 
Feet are tingling 
You’ll just cry 
If the phone starts ringing

Couldn’t watch the show 
Maybe tomorrow 
There’s somebody else’s life
You wish you could borrow

You got to keep going 
Play it to an end 
Wish the stars would align 
And grant you a true friend



About mw2828

I am a writer currently working out of the New York area. View all posts by mw2828

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