oh, football

A historian in 2087
Assessing our history symmetrically
Noticing a certain psychological similarity
Between the murder of nature
And the worship of old rules
To a violent game
Played on Sunday
An archive!
A flash drive!
It’s a politician on a podium saying
The who cares approach has been proven empirically
For centuries
And who cares if it works
Who cares, who cares?
It’s empirically proven to have worked for centuries
This is who we are
And if you see my face
Through this screen
You are with me
A historian in 2087
Needed a little whiskey to finish
This latest chapter drawing parallels ‘tween
This and that century
He works late
He works hard
Only the fast food place is open


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I am a writer currently working out of the New York area. https://mythandmist.wordpress.com/ View all posts by mw2828

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