A New Truth

(previously Melanie)

Midnight was written

Across the orange street

Under the paper moon

And the white screen

Owned your eyes

The screen was all

A spiral we demand

Because we get what we want

And you want the news about you

It says you need to hate me now

And don’t you?

But hey, I’m standing here with my

Mouth in my hand and I’m reaching

Reaching for you

The one with them

But I’m the one aware

They only see a shard of you

A convincing image


That shattered champagne glass

On the cement

I really liked you, Melanie

And sometimes I hate me

Like you hate you

We’re trapped in the truth

Me, you

Caught in the light-tower together

You pull on my waist

While I guide my beam

Over the black waves

Searching for that second shipwreck

That the insurance man prophesized

Fact was the name of the first ship

Fact, with sea spiders crawling

Over her cutlery

In the dining room

A million leagues deep

Found and disavowed

So, there goes my light

Cast onto the ocean of indifference

In the name of a new truth

But that’s the lighthouse

And this is the street

Where I finally speak

To say your condescension

Is like condensation

Naturally occurring

Coming and fading

Water between the webs of my fingers

Then steam filtering through that bullshit bar

A cute magic trick

Performed to elicit my embarrassment

And accumulate their merit

They like it when city kids

Whore themselves before the neon altar

And confirm their suspicion

So they feel free

To educate me about my identity

Yet you’re above it, Melanie

Above every irony

Above every novelty

You are inconvenient

Like this conversation

Under the paper moon

On the orange street

Outside the bullshit bar

Look away, will you?

My love look away from that screen


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I am a writer currently working out of the New York area. https://mythandmist.wordpress.com/ View all posts by mw2828

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