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I have a new blog!

Hey all!


Its been a great run with ‘Myth & Mist.’ I’ve been posting on here for a long time. Since the beginning of the decade. But as George Harrison once said, ‘all things must pass.’ I’m starting a new blog that will revolve more around daily posts. I’m looking forward to sharing my musings on baseball, music, and movies… along with anything else rattling around my dome! I’d really appreciate it if ya give me a follow at my new site: here it is: Boulevard Variety. Thank you for being the essential element to ‘Myth & Mist.’ A reader! Hope to see you at the new place.

Houdini’s Last Words

From Appleton Street
In Milwaukee
To East 79th
In New York

I was a child flying
From a trapeze
The prince of air

I’m tired of fighting, Dash
I guess this thing is going to get me
You & I always knew
What we had to do to get ourselves free
And every eye could see
Whether astounded bourgeois
Or enchanted children of poverty
There are no odds that overcome mastery
Except this thing
Is going to get me

I met you
When you were sixteen
A Floral Sister
At the Sea Beach Palace
Coney Island

The one & only
Theodore Hardeen
A strongman within
Broken chains
Fed my secrets to his flames
My brother introduced you
To me


But for the absence of magic
In the conditions of fate
This charge
I cannot evade

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