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John Dillinger

It’s a simple point
In a simple plan
You take the money
Like slaughtering a lamb
A farmer watched his family starve
And only the rich can steal
So the fedora covers your eyes
And you forgot how to feel
They dropped you in a hole
Long ago
John Dillinger
Destroyer of the world

The police shoot, too
The police can shoot you
The nonviolent citizen
Who reads the news
So Dillinger went cold
After suffering in jail
Who’s the tormented and tormentor
Who’s the dragonhead and dragon tail
He liked Chicago
He liked to disappear
But to anyone paying attention
He’s still right here
At your side, tonight
Outside the Biograph
Strolling the sidewalk
Before the bloodbath
The G-Men scream
See! See! See!
See the color of the flood
The truth is red and mean
They dropped him in a hole
Long ago
John Dillinger
Destroyer of the world

And are they going to bury you
With that money
You know innocent got hurt
Innocent got slain
Over all that fame
I guess you’d say
You don’t care


oh, football

A historian in 2087
Assessing our history symmetrically
Noticing a certain psychological similarity
Between the murder of nature
And the worship of old rules
To a violent game
Played on Sunday
An archive!
A flash drive!
It’s a politician on a podium saying
The who cares approach has been proven empirically
For centuries
And who cares if it works
Who cares, who cares?
It’s empirically proven to have worked for centuries
This is who we are
And if you see my face
Through this screen
You are with me
A historian in 2087
Needed a little whiskey to finish
This latest chapter drawing parallels ‘tween
This and that century
He works late
He works hard
Only the fast food place is open

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