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Burnt leaves, burnt leaves
Swirling under your feet
Pass away like ashes
In the September breeze

I need, I need
A place I can leave
You don’t remember my name
You think it’s all a dream

To be, to be
It’s a meadow unforeseen
A flower dying cold
Living forever in memory

I feel, I feel
The chill slither over me
We can’t stop time
Though we pretend in reverie



Oh, let me know
Let me know
While you can
Make me understand

Oh, shall I speak
Shall I speak?
While I’m able
Can I hold your hand?


Her eyes, Her eyes
Journeying to the unknown
Her parents were Italian
Her brother stayed home

Oh life, oh life
Want to sail my starboard sea
I can fix it, I promise
Do you believe me?

Come dance, come dance
Come and dance with me
Dance in a circle
Like I’m Fellini

The Journalist


We were crossing the street/You said it was yours/The parks, avenues, and alleyways/You told me true love/Is a sense of place

I wrote it down/It’s my career/Those are my words between the advertisements/ I’m the substance beyond the veneer.

I’m like you/ Owing reality seven payments/Are we so different/Should you judge/My artistic estrangement


You cute little romantic/You said I stole/Do you deserve a merit badge/For trying to fill you soul’s hole.

I guess I wouldn’t need to keep you honest/If you didn’t have to hate my existence/As an inconvenience to your passion play/ You’re the kind of person who tells someone to go/When you want to beg them to stay/

Ashes, Memory & Mystery

Holy Summer Night


Somewhere Between


Lucky and free

Off the train

And onto the scene

The thick trees smile

Forever, they may be

The air tastes like life

And the stars are your private canopy

Resting atop a fabulous melody

This moment is a memory

Oh, holy summer night

I stay alive

To feel your light

Oh, holy summer night

I stay alive

To love your light

Above and beneath

Nothing to be

Surviving a dream

Called reality

Stay awhile, with your pit bull smile

Forever, we shall be

The air tastes like life

And the stars are ours to see

Guiding us toward

Life’s desire fait accompli

This moment is a memory

We are a memory

Oh, holy summer night

I stay alive

To feel your light

Oh, holy summer night

I stay alive

To love this night

Van Gogh Blue

I was walking in my sleep again 


A witness to images beyond my understanding

I was watching you fly, so far away 
And wishing you a happy landing

Your face is written into my consciousness 
Like the template of a human being I used to be

There was desperation, confusion and happiness 
And what my friend, was it all supposed to mean

All the time 
All the time 
I spent with you 
My perceptions were untrue 
Feeling Van Gogh Blue

Was no crime 
Was no crime 
Believing my feelings for you 
They colored my world 
A blinding yellow and grew 
Never knew, I’d end up feeling Van Gogh Blue


She who smiles

Upon the face of the moon

My worries, my anxiety, my hubris

My doom

She who smiles on the face of the moon

Please consume

This paralysis that’s part of me


She who dances

In the empty room

My stress, my delusion, my arrogance

My tomb

She who dances

In the empty room

Make it bloom

This silent strength that’s part of me


She who sings melodically

Upon a deep morning groove

My neurosis, my impatience, my insecurity

My gloom

She who sings like a bird

Upon a deep morning groove

Let it resume

This beautiful life that’s a part of me 


The Gathering Storm

The sage disguised 
As fool 
Warned against 
The gathering storm

The stage improvised 
Mimicking tool 
Ignored the 
Gathering Storm

The wage idealized 
Imitation jewel 
Danced in the 
Gathering storm

Are we all hypocrites 
Hoping for something more 
We’ve all been blamed 
By someone certain they were sure 
No one is guiltless 
From shore to shining shore 
The words do not condemn 
But plea for empathy now 
And forevermore


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