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#22: American Affection

This is the ending of ‘Alias Intact.’ Thank you so much for listening & reading. Happy writing to you.


4 AM in Colonial town
Nazi’s hit the memorial fountain
I consider my American affection
Early nineties neon
Family ice cream at Magic Mountain

Of the bibliographic constellations
In our gray illumination
Our common prayer
A repeated incantation
Our pledge of allegiance
A monotone statement

And when is our final paper due?
Deconstructing a
Three word
English term
I love you

1. I want a one-beer buzz
To feel less severe
Life was so much softer
With your whisper
In my ear

2. I want to feel young
Before this pitiful reveal
When your body
And my body
Came alive
Through feel

Its winter now
And will be next year too
Like all the lies
They sold us
Will never be true

The euphoria’s fleeting
When uploaded into a machine
We had a heartfelt investment
To teach our machine
More beautiful dreams



#21: Under the red, white & blue

I made the decision
To love you
In a hellfire of jet fuel
Amid the dust of two towers
Protected by military rule

I made the decision
To love you
During the battle of Antietam
In formation with a bachelor orphan
Asking me to grieve him

I made the decision
To love you
During the first desert storm
When we screwed in our gas masks
Atop the clothes our bodies


And so we wander together
Beyond the moon’s gaze
Beneath the tree line
Between the lamp-light
Through the park’s maze
And so with my boy hands
I gently caress your face
It’s really been decades
Since the bottom
Of that spiral staircase
And you remind me
I’m dreaming
That I will soon
Be awake
We’ve been over
Whether it was right or
A mistake
It doesn’t matter

I made the decision
To love you
In the shadow of Plymouth Rock
While secretly practicing witchcraft
Which we will never stop

I made the decision
To love you
Sipping Sangaree in Yorktown
Perfect drunk and delirious
Waving my round hat around

I made the decision
To love you
After the republic was gone
Because there can never be another you
And there will always be another Babylon


I made the decision
To love you (x2)
I made the decision (x3)
To love you (x3)
To love you (x3)
Love you love you (x3)

#20: Intimate Secrecy

It’s a casting call
For the bourgeois
My motivation’s alienation
Expressed demographically

Assigned a file
On destiny
A subject in denial
Like we’re meant to be

Well I want to find
The right leather gloves for me
I’m going to blindfold you
So I can finally see

Concrete never sleeps
Does it turn you on?
It turns me on
Our intimate secrecy

In the meeting
The boss said we’re a team
I’m a sense-maker
On a cheap salary

I’m just lucky to be here
We talk about TV
Before we burrow underground
For our next place to be

Well I’m in a bind
Too many promises to keep
Gonna gag your mouth
So I can finally speak
Does it turn you on?
It turns me on
Our intimate secrecy

The price we pay
For pleasure’s
A step too steep
Does it turn me on?
It turns me on
Our secret intimacy

#16: Rapunzel

Well it was forty-five
Past midnight
The bouncers had just
Ended a fight
You materialize
In the stage-light
Sit at the piano
And plink That’s Life

I swear you appear to be
A mirage to me
Wearing an Arabian dress
And rosary beads
With a pink guitar pick
Between your teeth
Playing like falling rain
Patient certainty

Then you spit the pick
In the palm of your hand
And stride over
To the microphone stand
Tune the house guitar
Strum This Land is Your Land
Singing your own lyrics
About Afghanistan

1.Hey Rapunzel
Come down
From your tower
Return to me
At this witching hour
Sing to me
Your song of tender power
I need you

You sing like a volcano
Erupting honey
Lyrics raw
Concerning blood money
Your closing line
Eurydice can judge me
You put me in tune
With my heartbeat

Well I approach the stage
After your set
You’re like lightening up there
What can I expect?
I’m just a thin white man
You could see as a threat
But you’re convivially curious
All you want’s a drink and a friend

Well we talk until
Its thirty past three
You, the bartender, and me
A holy trinity
I ask for a date tomorrow
Please be free
Let’s talk forever about
Religion, death, and comedy

2. Hey Rapunzel
May I have
Your address?
I didn’t get your number
And I must confess
Without your voice
I am under duress
I need you

Well her eyes turned down
And she calmly explained
She lives in a tower
And can only descend for a stage
If there’s no stage
She evaporates
It was the bargain she made
To reverse her fate

I ask Fred the bartender
If he slipped us some LSD
He said come on now
I’m a man of dignity
She left her tip
Said I knew you wouldn’t believe me
I always get your admiration
I never have your sympathy

She doesn’t say goodbye
Just departs immediately
And I’m still fumbling for an apology
Not thinking expediently
I’m trailing her silhouette
Shouting please, wait for me
And when I get to the sidewalk
I only see the indifferent city

3. Hey Rapunzel
I built a stage
In the middle of Washington Square
And now the skaters can’t skate
Nor can the folkies and junkies
Until you re-animate
I need you

She’s such a knockout talent
And she actually talked to me
But now she’s gone and I’m just staring
At this family of gutter leaves
Dancing and swirling
Then falling in the breeze
Performing for that moment
Before retiring for eternity

All these nights I search
But haven’t found her again
Walking uptown to down
From Silvana to the Bitter End
If I could have believed
Or made myself pretend
I know she was real
The prophesized amend

All the while dreaming
About us on a fire escape
Her hair between my fingers
Upon her back a starry cape
Then we hold each other close
And simply fly away
Above the bodies and the buildings
This city of love and hate

#13: Endy Chavez

A poetry reading.

#8: Stem of Time

A gray afternoon
On Fifth Avenue
Where dreams and reality
The homeless man
Wants to dance
With you
While you walk through
Filament truths
You thought knew

The folkies negotiate
Their record contracts
While slugging pills
For panic attacks
God forbid their truth is a lie
Like those secrets kept
Between you and I

Ten pretty lyricists
Atop Carnegie Hall
Tangled in parachutes
Thrashing for their fall
Meaning means nothing
At all

And on the stem
Of Time
You and I
Comprise a 21st Century
Though the roots are strong
The stem does bend
We climb and we don’t know why
For the rose
That must be our end

Another twilight
Over Riverside Drive
The fortress shines
Like it could be alive
An accident ahead
A stranger might’ve died
You are impatient
Because you need
To drive

Back to the neighborhood
You want to escape
Where they haven’t calculated love
Without their hate
And your meat is waiting
Don’t be late
For all the ways you call
Emptiness fate

And what you deem ambition
Annihilates the self
Because your happiness
Is owned by someone else
In you, I loved me
In the age of media
Connection’s an anomaly

Now you are gone
And I drive alone
Passenger seat empty
I could call you on the phone
I want to but I can’t
And I know I won’t
And you will and you might
But you don’t

I never wanted you to be a ghost to me
We were young and we were flesh
And for a second we were free
Now I am once again
Someone like me
Rubbing static crumbs of light
Within America’s dream

#7: Don’t You Know

All that violence
Made it inconvenient
To fit into the narrative
I’m supposed to belong to

My friend carried a stickball bat
Because they wanted to kill him
A couple years later
The drugs did it for them

He hung from the windows of speeding cars
And encouraged me to write
Somewhere in time
I’m hanging out with him tonight

He’s part of history
As are all we
And who tells the story

Don’t you know
Don’t you know
A pretty pop song makes the world go round
Don’t you know
Don’t you know
If you ain’t pretty
They don’t want you to make a sound

I, me, and my ugly voice
Remember every wrong choice
I could be easily gone
I received a reprieve

You, found me in the noise
You comforted me
I wanted to die
And you showed me what to need

So, I fell in love with you
And you saw my soul bared
You won’t speak to me these days
But I still think of you when I’m scared

When my mind gets dark
I think of him
I think of you
You both wanted me to write
Maybe you both understood

How do you?
Reconcile a second life?

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