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#9: Places You Took Me

Followed your silhouette
From the band shell
To the Bowery

Never turned your head
While moving your legs
You made quiet company

Always pondering
Your next experiment
Now I wonder where
Our chapters went

Places you took me
Faces who knew me
Because of you

You wanted to excavate
The bones of my

Said you were different
From those girls
Who thought they understood

Well honey that used to be the home
Of Rudolph Valentino
And these midnight spray-painters
Believe Mussolini a hero

Places I took you
Phases you passed through
Cause of me

Well I guess we were too different
In that way
Similar people can be

My father was a bookie
Yours was a professor of philosophy

But god it felt so right
Strolling in Strawberry Fields
With our glasses of moonlight
Places you took me
Faces who knew me
Because of you

Places I took you
Phases you passed through
Cause of me



On city property

Where the thirsty shadows

Took our virginity

Inside, inside


A safe place

From outside


They wait

A boy

Wants to love

A boy

Has to hate

To survive

In his mind

I had a dream

It was

Only us

Past the gate

The guard was sleeping

We could hide

Inside, inside



The ashes of our ideals

Floated like New Year’s confetti


Through the tunnel of apathy

You taught literature to me

In defiance of gravity


The pressure can kill you slowly

Or immediately

The victory can seem


Or temporary

Rally around my stone set beliefs

Rally around my stone set beliefs


The comedown!

Will come around

The comedown!

Will come around


Well it was daylight

You were unsteady

We changed the outrage

But the details were petty


Intellectual arrogance

A burden too heavy

The college philosopher

Never said a word to me


In the middle of a dream

With a metal factory

With a car and salary

With a burning city

With the guilty

And their aggressive pity

With a million facts to believe

And a VIP cemetery

End Credits

End Credits

Manny goes to the movies 
Sits by himself in the dark

His friends get loaded 
In the park

Manny watches the credits 
And waits until they ask him to leave

The people on the screen disappeared 
Like his lovers in a dream

Manny wanders outside the theater 
And feels the heavy summer air

He never tells his father he left 
His father doesn’t care

Manny has to return 
To what he left behind

What he abandoned for the theater 
The place where there’s peace in his mind

Why end the movie 
Why end the movie 
Why end the movie 
Why end the movie


Burnt leaves, burnt leaves
Swirling under your feet
Pass away like ashes
In the September breeze

I need, I need
A place I can leave
You don’t remember my name
You think it’s all a dream

To be, to be
It’s a meadow unforeseen
A flower dying cold
Living forever in memory

I feel, I feel
The chill slither over me
We can’t stop time
Though we pretend in reverie



Oh, let me know
Let me know
While you can
Make me understand

Oh, shall I speak
Shall I speak?
While I’m able
Can I hold your hand?


Her eyes, Her eyes
Journeying to the unknown
Her parents were Italian
Her brother stayed home

Oh life, oh life
Want to sail my starboard sea
I can fix it, I promise
Do you believe me?

Come dance, come dance
Come and dance with me
Dance in a circle
Like I’m Fellini

The Journalist


We were crossing the street/You said it was yours/The parks, avenues, and alleyways/You told me true love/Is a sense of place

I wrote it down/It’s my career/Those are my words between the advertisements/ I’m the substance beyond the veneer.

I’m like you/ Owing reality seven payments/Are we so different/Should you judge/My artistic estrangement


You cute little romantic/You said I stole/Do you deserve a merit badge/For trying to fill you soul’s hole.

I guess I wouldn’t need to keep you honest/If you didn’t have to hate my existence/As an inconvenience to your passion play/ You’re the kind of person who tells someone to go/When you want to beg them to stay/

Now’s Not the time for Sleep


Wake up 
Shut the alarm 
Put more things in your body 
That will do you harm

Stagger to shower 
Hot water flow 
Eat a crusty bagel 
DVR your favorite show

Kiss the dog 
On his head 
This job sucks 
But it beats the instead

You got to go 
Got to rush 
Always late 
There’s time to crush

Now’s not the time to sleep
Love is near 
But you keep them waiting

The hurt’s so deep 
Can’t escape the fear 
It has you frozen/hesitating

Fall down 
Set the alarm 
Pins and needles 
Up and down your arm

Neck is tight 
Feet are tingling 
You’ll just cry 
If the phone starts ringing

Couldn’t watch the show 
Maybe tomorrow 
There’s somebody else’s life
You wish you could borrow

You got to keep going 
Play it to an end 
Wish the stars would align 
And grant you a true friend


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