The Music Project Part 12

-We all float on, ok-

 My dingy shack of musical appreciation spontaneously morphed into a cathedral. Yes, ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ was on Highway 61 Revisited, which closed with ‘Desolation Row’… the songs suddenly became connected. From there, I started to realize it was all connected. It went beyond a song, an album, a genre, a musician. Dylan’s free-wheeling, frenetic, poetic style, best evidenced on his mid-sixties albums, challenged my preconceptions, which, in comparison, were so obviously stiff and stilted. He invited convention to stand in the face of chaos, where it withered. That approach can be mistaken for nihilism. Dylan, who later crafted two religious albums, was hardly a pessimist, even at his most sneering sixties best. He just asked hard questions.

So I asked questions of myself. 

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